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2020 Tournament Format!



No one is to take more than double bogey (that’s 2 over par) on any hole.  If you get to double bogey, score your double bogey, pick up your ball and move on!  This will help keep things moving!


Mulligans become crucial in this format.  Use them  as needed,  but lets be fair, use them correctly.  You can only use your own, no sharing mulligans!


HOLE #1  Par 4:  Regular Scramble Play.

HOLE #2  Par 4:  Irons Only! All team members must only use irons for the entire hole (no utility clubs), this includes putting!

HOLE #3  Par 4:  Worst Drive Hole. Team must use the Worst Drive, then regular Scramble Play to finish the hole.

HOLE #4  Par 5:  Two Man Team Scramble. Team is divided into two 2-person teams that will both play a scramble. Team uses the lowest score from the two pairs.

HOLE #5  Par 4:  Establish the Playing Order. Team determines the playing order and each shot is made by one player only. Once the ball is on the green, all team members may attempt to putt.

HOLE #6  Par 3:  Worst Shot Hole. Must use the worst ball off the tee then scramble from there. 

HOLE #7  Par 4:  ONE Club Per Player! Each player will select one club. (All team members may select a different club.) Then each shot must be played with their selected club. For example, if one player chooses a putter, that player must tee off with the putter, and hit all shots afterward with the putter.

HOLE #8  Par 3:  Worst putt hole.  Once your team reaches the green if you make the first putt, your good.  But, if you miss that first putt, you must use the worst of your first putt’s as you next shot, not the one closest!!

HOLE #9  Par 5:  Regular Scramble Play.

HOLE #10  Par 4:  Shortest Second Shot! Must use your shortest 2nd shot. (Drive is the 1st shot, next shot is the 2nd shot – use 2nd shot farthest from the green.)

HOLE #11  Par 3:  Regular Scramble Play. 

HOLE # 12  Par 4:  The DRIVER is your PUTTER! Yep, all putting is done with a driver on this hole! Your best bet is to pitch in from the Frog Hair!

HOLE # 13  Par 5:  Putt the Worst Ball on the Green. Once your team reaches the green, you must use the furthest ball from the hole for your first putt.  Hit ‘em close!

HOLE #14  Par 3:  Regular Scramble Play. 

HOLE #15  Par 4:  BUNKER SHOT. Once your team reaches the green, everyone must hit from a greenside bunker. Select the bunker nearest the ball on the green. If there are multiple balls on the green, take your pick of bunkers.

HOLE #16  Par 4:  2&2 HOLE. Team must select 2 players ONLY to hit tee shots. The remaining 2 players must get to the green. All four team members get to putt.

HOLE #17  Par 5:  NO PUTTING REQUIRED! Once the team has reached the green, the putt is good! Example, if your team reaches the green in 3, your team score is 4.

HOLE #18  Par 4:  Fairway Drive Bonus! If all four players hit their drives in the 18th fairway, the team may then pick up all balls and play their 2nd shot from the 100 yard marker. Otherwise, normal scramble.